What is memory foam?


The best memory foam pillow I have ever used. And not only the pillow, the cover is just fabulous, the soothing blue color cover is so refreshing and the quality of the fabric, makes the pillow even more comfortable.


Being a Pilot in a Commercial Airline, flying long routes, I've been prone to frequent neck and back pains. I've had my fair share of neck pillows, this being the 5th one  This one, has completely stolen the show. I can already feel the difference in my neck pain. Great stuff, look forward to getting similar products very soon! 

Sarthak Kapoor

The first night I used the pillow it felt a little firm. The second night I don’t even remember falling asleep all I remember is the alarm going off in the morning. The third night I found myself hugging my pillow while watching the TV, I love my Magasin Memory Foam pillow

Anant Kaushik, Category Manager, Pepperfry

I have been using it over a month now. It takes a few days to adjust and might feel stiff in the beginning. But wait! Its going to go soft on you and you will love sleeping on it.Supports the neck well. It can be used to support back while sitting in lazy positions. All in all , its a better pillow but it will take to blend in for you and once it does, there is no going back!

Rohit Gupta

Very Soft and comfortable. Must go for it.

Sunita Gupta

Material inside the pillow is very soft and flexible. Outer cover removable and washable. I have purchased 2 . It gives good support and cushioning to neck during travel.

Narendra Jog

Using it for a long time now very comfortable
Must buy

Harbir Singh

Just what I wanted. A soft cushion as a backrest on a sofa, but stays fluffy for a long time. I got tired of trying to fluff up older and newer cushions and then this idea of buying memory foam cushions struck me`


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