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Memory foam v/s Latex: What is your best choice?

Memory foam v/s Latex: What is your best choice?

Too many options in the market that make you fall in the dilemma to choose the best preference for yourself. Let’s save you from falling into the pit and rather provide you an insight to the most competitive pillow materials to choose from.

Memory foam and Latex are currently the most trending and highest selling pillow or mattresses in the market. Let’s look into a detailed review of these famous products:

Memory foam:

This pillow is made from polyurethane foam which relaxes while heat is applied. Body’s heat is enough to show the result. Just a hand press on the foam can result into an imprint of the hand immediately when removed. Similarly they mould into the shape of your head or neck and provide utmost comfort. The foam has been standardized to provide the right stability of support and comfort to meet the needs before you sleep.

On the construction of Memory foam, not only a single material is used, but a wide arrangement is made to group similar foams.


This category comes with two major classifications of the materials used. The first one is natural latex that is made from rubber trees and is naturally processed to create foam layers. A certified natural latex mattress using purest materials for construction and provides minimal off-gassing.

On the other hand, the second category of Synthetic latex is constructed from different synthetic materials. On comparison with Natural latex, the major difference spotted is less bounce in synthetic latex. The natural latex has a stronger life span and durability when considered.


Face-off: Memory foam v/s Latex

  • Comfort level: The memory foam will help you sink into the pillow, whereas Latex pillow will feel more bouncy.
  • Motion seclusion: Memory foam bags first position in this characteristic.
  • Durability: Latex is considered more durable than memory foam.
  • Weight: Because of the natural composition of the individual product, latex pillows are heavier than memory foam.
  • Natural/ un-natural: Latex can be produced naturally so the ball is in its court for this feature.
  • Pressure and pain relief: Memory foam provides solutions for pain and pressure relief and latex stands behind on this factor.
  • Conformity: Confirming and contouring are major features of memory foam.
  • Odour: Memory foam has more off-gassing complaints than latex.
  • Variety: Both types have bundle of choices to look into.
  • Price: Both types fall under the same price category.
  • Easy movement: Latex doesn’t sink and provides more stability than memory foam.
  • Pain relieving: Memory foam provides huge variety for specialised pillows that can be used to cure different pains, this type works effectively.



Memory foam


Pressure relief


Very good

Natural or synthetic






Motion transfer reduction

Very good



The two types have some similarities but overall some significant differences. We cannot decide one for all but we can recommend you to survey well before you buy. Do not forget to keep the characteristics with their pros and cons in mind. Choose wisely. Happy shopping and hopping!

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