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What really is memory foam all about?

What really is memory foam all about?

The art of sleep support and comfort solutions are the basic chucks in today’s age to lead towards a healthy and lively lifestyle. Most of the day to day health complications occur due to the incorrect posture one sits in and also in absence of a comfortable sitting. These minor glitches reach to major diagnoses in very less time and we stay unaware about its progress.

Memory foam materials can bring relief to the body with the required comfort and support. But wait, what is memory foam? How can it help to bring comfort? How is it different?

Don’t worry; you will solve your mind quarrels by the end of this blog. Keep reading!

Memory foam: In and out

Memory foam was first used by NASA’s Ames Research Centre in 1966 for the improvement of the safety of aircraft cushions. Proceeding with its excellence in performance, it was then advised to be used in medical settings.

Memory foam, also called Visco-elastic polyurethane foam, gets its name from its capability to recall its original form and slowly come back to it after being compressed. Memory Foam is sensitive towards temperature and pressure, thus easily moulds to the shape of an person’s body shape. Originally the cost of memory foam material was very expensive; enhancements in its production have reduced the cost, making it more accessible for widespread use.

Preference of today

  • Memory foam vigorously moulds as per the body weight as occupied and return to its original shape once burden is removed.
  • Memory foam pillows are known as visco-elastic memory foam and also temperature sensitive. At lower temperatures it is steadier and gluey, and at higher temperatures it is laxer and more compatible.
  • It provides health benefits by relieving pain and body ache, as well as helps a body to improve quickly from injuries. Memory foam provides both splendid comfort and persistent support to gently support the head and improves alignment of the neck to help with sound sleep.
  • Memory foam is composed of a polyurethane foam makeup, which is made of fibres that avoid allergy-causing dust particles.
  • Memory foam provides resistance in motion transfer and absorbs surface movement to reduce disturbances.

Final review

  • Positives:  Memory foam is comfortable and supporting while it provides relief to pain. It is soft and smooth and moulds as per the head and neck to provide good durability. Once used, it will be a favourite to the customer because of the comfort that it provides.
  • Negatives: Not much to the negative side but nothing ever came perfect. It can be a bit smelly and heavy in the beginning and relatively expensive than the normal availability.
  • Overall snapshot: Worth a go because it will be your preferred ever pillow

Making your bedtime stories better, the memory foam pillows are a comfortable retreat after brainstorming day.

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