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Why choose magasin? Are we any less or are we better?

Why choose magasin? Are we any less or are we better?

Magasin is an expert in providing state of art sleep support solutions. We deal only in the best quality top of the line memory foam products made out of 100% filler free foam using imported raw materials. We provide the best quality memory foam pillows that come along with a wide range.

We are the only manufacturers of memory foam cushions in India. We believe in providing comfort and quality without any compromise.

But why memory foam?

Memory foam is the product that provides utmost comfortability and support. It is made from polyurethane foam which relaxes while heat is applied. Body’s heat is enough to show the result. It moulds according to the pressure and absorbs the shape and provides support accordingly. According to research conducted among people, they find memory foam products to reduce pain because of posture or other reasons. And their comfortability can never be doubted.

Our imported materials from DOW and BASF provide 100% free foam that is hypoallergenic and temperature friendly. To name a few from our wide range, the below mentioned products are on our top selling list:

  1. Magasin memory foam pillows: different sizes and shapes.
  2. Memory foam U-shaped Travel Pillow
  3. Magasin’s Car Neck rest pillow
  4. Magasin Visco-Elastic Foam Ergonomic back rest
  5. Magasin Mini Contour Travel Pillow
  6. Magasin Memory foam Slim Lumbar support pillow
    Magasin half-moon 4-in-1 pillow support.
  7. Memory foam kids pillow
  8. Magasin Pristine Hues Memory Foam Slim Sleeper Pillow
  9. Lumbar back support cushion pillow

You can choose us for our Quality, because of our imported raw materials used for manufacturing. Our unique products provide unparalleled support and comfort. Our pricing of the products is as appropriate as our products quality. We ensure to develop and bring in new products to introduce better and comfortable range to our customers. We also customise products as per customer requirements to maintain their sense of trust and reliability towards the company. We would never compromise with delivering products on time; our in-house manufacturing enables us to fulfil the deadlines.

If your travelling hours are more than your comfort zone hours, our neck rest pillows will provide proper neck support and comfort to avoid pain. And if you are a travel freak and love to sleep during the journey in car, train, airplane; our travel pillows are your essentials during these trips. The memory foam U-Shaped travel pillows cradles your head and neck to provide affordable comfort.

The magasin Ergonomic pillow collection offers the best pillows for neck pain, allowing you to ease your neck and back as you lay your head down. We offer a full line of high-quality orthopaedic pillows focused on comfort and proper support. They are highly unique and made of 100% filter free Viscoelastic memory foam, which makes it temperature sensitive and relaxing. Their pressure relief quality is appreciated by all our customers who bring them in utmost demand.

Select by your choice, your comfortability, your preferences, your pressure pains, your needs. Magasin is here to provide you support and comfort all through! To explore the complete range please visit

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