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Magasin Memory Foam Modern Pillows

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Memory foam aides in giving users a productive night’s sleep by relieving pressure and keeping the body in line. Naturally, the body needs to be in a straight line from head to spine, but during the night, sleeping on the side or even back and stomach positions, can force the head into an unnatural position. Memory foam keeps the body aligned and supports the neck by allowing the foam to fill in the gap between shoulder and mattress when sleeping on the side.  
When you sleep on your back, it prevents the head from being pushed too far forward with your chin forced toward your chest and when sleeping on your stomach it keeps your head from bending 
backwards, potentially pinching nerves and causing muscles to tense up. 

  • MODERN SHAPE  : are the perfect alternative for the cotton filled Or micro fiber pillows, which sag and clump soon after use. The Pillows help in relieving pressure ,back pain and provide neck pain relief.
  • PAIN RELIEF : The perfect combination of medium firm support & shape is the best remedy for sleeping issues such as waking up with stiff neck, shoulder & back pain, or if you suffer from orthopedic issues. The pillow gently cradles your head and neck, changing shape as you move to provide constant support throughout the night. Enjoy blissful night’s sleep as this unique pillow will bring you unparalleled comfort and support.
  • HIGH QUALITY : Provides therapeutic relief for side sleepers & back sleepers, the pillow keeps your back aligned and moulds to your head for proper neck and back support. It'll support you all night without clumping or sagging and reduce tossing and turning and allow you sleep peacefully. It comes with a Stitched Inner Jersey cover which protects the memory foam.
  • PREMIUM INNER COVER : Dust-proof and hypoallergenic inner cover extends the lifespan of the pillow core more effectively. Please do not wash the pillow, use spot clean only. Kindly note that, due to the manufacturing processes of the memory foam, you might notice a smell. Rest assured that it is harmless. Just air the pillow under the sun and the smell will dissipate.
  • SOFT YET SUPPORTIVE : Made from 100% memory foam that “remembers” the curve of your neck and adapts to your shape, this pillow is soft but not so soft that your head sinks down to the bed - High density memory foam properly aligns your spine while sleeping (suitable for side & back sleepers).


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