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Magasin Orthopedic Memory Foam Car Neck Rest Pillow Cushion, Headrest for car support, travel pillow for comfort in car, universal fit - 11" x 5"

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Magasin's Car Neck Rest Pillow is designed specially to keep In mind the problems people face when driving or sitting for long hours in car. Made of Visco-elastic Memory Foam, this pillow gently moulds to one's neck shape and provides customised comfort. A compact ergonomic design makes it more flexible and emphasis is placed on maximum comfort.

Item name : Magasin Orthopedic Memory Foam Car Neck Rest Pillow Cushion

Compatibility : Suitable for all cars, flight & trains

Dimension : 11 x 5 x 4.5 inch

Simple to use a solution for sitting comfortably and maintaining good posture and it provides all the support.

Filled with adaptable and supportive ""memory foam"" and ""super soft fabric"" adapts perfectly to the anatomy of your neck.

Recommended by Spine Specialists, Chiropractors & Physiotherapists

Maintaining spine alignment is vital for reducing joint and muscle discomfort while you drive. Our car neck rest is ergonomically designed to help keep your spine, neck, and head straight and prevent whiplash injuries.


  • YOUR PERFECT TRAVEL PARTNER : Long journeys can be tormenting & excricuating, but our range of ergonomically designed compact memory foam neck rest support cushions can make your journey comfortable. If you ever want to stop at a rest area along the way and take a nap to relax during a long car trip, just attach our pillow onto the default headrest and adjust your seat to a reclined position.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN : The memory foam travel pillow moulds itself perfectly to the head and neck area. The car neck cushion provides support and helps to distribute pressure effectively. It is designed in a way that it provides the optimum support you lack with the already installed headrest. The neck support cushion provides the best possible relief for the back, neck & shoulders during travel by providing additional support and improve posture, reducing muscle tension & stress.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN : Provides rest, relaxation and comfort to your neck and mind during hectic car rides and reduces whiplash injuries while driving Comes with an adjustable elastic strap making it easy to assemble and customize the placement of the cushion to make it fit just right.
  • CHIROPRACTOR RECOMMENDED : Car headrests have been designed in such a manner that there is optimum amount of gap in between the seat and your head, neck and shoulders to avoid any whiplash injuries. Our neck rest fills in this crucial empty space with a comfortable padding that improves spine alignment and is chiropractor recommended. Alleviating muscle tightness and soreness due to sittig for long hours.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Covered in a super soft knitted luxurious plush fabric, the cover can be easily removed and dry cleaned. For the memory foam pad we recommend spot clean only.


  • It may be uncomfortabe initially please allow a weeks time to adjust for optimum comfort.
  • Many users experience immediate relief, and some require several weeks of regular use.
  • This is not a cure to your neck pain, but will relieve the pressures and strains ensuring extra comfort.

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