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Magasin Aquamarine Memory Foam Ultra Slim Stomach Sleeper Pillow - 15x24x2.5 inches

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When you sleep on your stomach and use a thick pillow, no matter how well constructed the pillow is, it will cause problems with your back and neck. The way the back arches when the head is on a thick pillow when you sleep on your stomach causes the neck to bend and muscles to constrict. This alone is enough to cause severe tension resulting in headaches and muscle spasms.

As time goes on, and you continue sleeping in the awkward position with your neck bent backwards and your spine arched, nerves get pinched and pain radiates as far down as your legs and feet. Waking up in the morning with pins and needles sensations in the hands, arms or other extremities is a sure sign of nerve constriction during the night, but it isn’t the only sign.

  • Extra Extra Thin! Only 2.5 inches thick
  • Ideal for stomach or back sleepers
  • Half Pillow Design: Flat on One Side, Normal on the Other
  • Memory Foam: Hypoallergenic, Anti-Microbial, Anti-bacterial, Bed Bug Resistant
  • Available with a removable zipper cover which can be machine washed

If you have lower back trouble, pain in the sides, neck, shoulder, headaches or symptoms of sciatica, you may actually simply be the victim of a poor sleeping position caused by an inappropriate pillow.

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