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Magasin Visco Elastic Memory Foam Ergonomic Back Rest

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Are you in pain after prolonged sitting?

Do you suffer from Back, Neck, Spine pain routinely?

A common reason for your back pain might be bad sitting posture or lack of support.

Sitting, forces the vertebrae to crunch down onto each other and bear a lot more force, increasing the risk of chronic lower back pain.

Experiencing lower back, shoulder, knee or cervical pain or stiffness does not mean you have to live with pain for your entire life. There are ways that you can manage, teach or even eliminate the symptoms long as you are willing to make a few adjustments during while you are sitting, sleeping and driving.

Relieve pain, and support your back with the Magasin ergonomic memory foam backrest pillow that’s designed to reduce pain while protecting and keeping your spine in a neutral position!

  • Moldable: ‘S’ shaped frame of the backrest molds your spine into proper anatomical alignment, unlike traditional ‘L’ shaped chairs. Made out of Memory Foam, it is sensitive to temperature and pressure, thus easily molds to the shape of an individual's body. Molded shape helps reduce discomfort and prevents fatigue.
  • Comfortable: Durable visco-elastic memory foam protects frame and provides cushy comfort. It has an adaptable design, which promotes relaxation. For relief from back pain associated with long hours of sitting on chairs, Magasin ergonomic back rest cushions hugs your back while the foam supports your spine to help it return to its natural S shape. Comfort is key when it comes to long periods of sitting.
  • Fits all kinds of chairs:  Desk (at home or office), wheelchair and Car. Magasin ergonomic back pillow is a lightweight & portable backrest, which gives support when placed on any chair (office or home), automobile seat or wheel chair. For use in office, car rides, and for long distance travel. It comes with 2 adjustable buckle straps helping you place the backrest any way you want.
  • Support: Sitting for longer hours can cause serious stiff back and spinal pain. Magasin Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Ergonomic Back Rest is orthopedically designed for giving sitting comfort and serves as an excellent back support. Use this pillow for all-day therapeutic support and relaxation to the back and provides correct sitting posture, which helps prevent back, and spine pain.
  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean only the outer cover. Do not wash the memory foam pad. For better results, air-dry the product before use.

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